Referencing a Mintel Report

We’ve got a 2 fantastic new resources called Mintel Oxygen and Mintel Global Markets Navigator.  We’re busy making new guides to accompany them which will be available soon.

  • Mintel Oxygen is a resource which contains consumer market reports for the U.S., U.K. and Europe.  Our subscription contains reports on the following industries: Drink, E-Commerce, Food, Leisure, Technology.
  • Mintel Global Markets Navigator is a resource which contains information on global market size, segmentation and share data.

We’ve had a few queries on how Business and Economics students should reference information found in these resources, so we’ve put together a couple of examples below.

Mintel. (2011) Coffee shops – UK –  February 2011. London: Mintel International . Retrieved from Mintel Oxygen (26/10/11)

Mintel. (2010) Coffee in China. London: Mintel International. Retrieved from Mintel Global Markets Navigator (26/10/11)

We hope this blog post is useful, please get in touch if you need more information on referencing, Mintel reports or any other query you might have.


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