Economics short films of Lindau Meeting

Nobel Laureates, Stiglitz, Pissarides, Mundell, McFadden and Myerson discuss The Crisis

This year at Lindau, Economics Laureates met with young economists to discuss their discipline. Palgrave Macmillan and our colleagues from Nature Video recorded these conversations. They feature Laureates Stiglitz, Pissarides, Mundell, McFadden, Myerson, Akerlot, Aumann, Maskin, and Phelps.

This short film, shot on location at the 2011 Lindau Meeting, features interviews with young researchers and Economics Laureates and presents fresh perspectives on the major causes of the Economic crisis as well as its effect on economic research. The interviews in this film are unique and offer cogent and informative comment.

We are also proud to present an interview-based film exploring the intellectual contribution of Behavioral Economics and a short film about the Economic Sciences meeting.

Additional films of lectures recorded at the 2011 Economics Meeting can be viewed by visiting the Lindau Mediatheque.

Don’t forget, you can share these videos with your colleagues or students – forward to a friend.


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