Top 10 Business & Economics e-books at SU

Image of empty shelves

Image by quinn.anya on Flickr used under Creative Commons licence

We have over 80,000 e-book titles at Swansea University library – you can find them all in our library catalogue, iFind Discover, with direct links to access the full text of the book online. Particularly useful if all our print copies are out!

Based on usage figures for last year (2011-2012), the top Business & Economics titles were:

  1. Operations Management
  2. Mastering e-business
  3. Consumer Behaviour
  4. Microeconomics
  5. Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice
  6. A Guide to Game Theory
  7. Managing Investment Portfolios
  8. Business Database Systems
  9. Management Accounting for Decision Makers
  10. Applied Economics

To access our e-books you will need to have set the Athens cookie on your computer and then login with your Swansea University email address and password.

We recently acquired a massive collection with new supplier “ebrary” to add to our existing books which are mostly with Dawsonera and EBSCO Ebook collection. All these collections look and behave slightly differently – for example: EBSCO Ebooks cannot be downloaded; Dawsonera can be downloaded for 1-2 days, Ebrary allows a 14 day download. The link from the library catalogue shows which collection a particular book is in.

We are running a drop-in session on Friday 15th March at 1pm in Training Room 3 in the library if you want to find out more! Or contact us at if you have any difficulties or want to give us your views on e-books.


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