Browsing for top journal articles with Google Scholar

Google Scholar has a handy feature that allows you to browse the top ranking journals and articles for your topic. Click on “Metrics” from the Google Scholar home page :

Screenshot highlighting the Metrics link on the Google Scholar home page

Click on “Business, Economics & Management” (which displays the top journals for the entire subject area) then click on “Subcategories” to drill down to more detailed topics:

Screenshot of the subcategory listing on Google Scholar

(Click to enlarge this screenshot!)

If you select, for example, Marketing you get the top 20 highest ranked journals (according to Google’s algorithm). If you click on the number shown in the “h5-index” column, you then get to see the highest ranked articles for that journal i.e. those that seem to be most influential judging from their number of subsequent citations in other articles.

We also have a subscription to Journal Citation Reports by Thomson Reuters which provide an alternate journal ranking but these do not have such a quick link to the top articles.


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