Help with dissertations & research projects

We have several books in the library that provide expert help and advice with business research projects or dissertations:

Riley-Cover“Researching and Writing Dissertations in Business and Management” by Riley




Polonsky-Cover“Designing and Managing a Research Project: a business student’s guide” by Polonsky & Waller





Easterby-Smith-Cover“Management Research” by Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson




Wilson-Cover“Essentials of Business Research: a guide to doing your research project” by Wilson




As well as covering the entire process of starting and completing a research project, these books also mention the value of using your librarians! From Riley (2000, p.63):

Sadly, many students (and some academic staff!) rarely familiarize themselves to any extent with the facilities of their library and are thus deprived of knowledge relating to the full range of available information
and from Polonsky & Waller (2011, p.123)
We strongly encourage you to go to your university library and talk with a reference librarian regarding the data sources your university has and the training related to searching these databases and/or reference management systems provided. You will be amazed how happy librarians are to help you learn how to search for information. They will, however, be less helpful if you simply expect them to do your work. The library and librarians are a critical resource that all too many students do not avail themselves of. While you can get a lot of materials from the Internet and alternative data sources, librarians have expertise in searching for information so getting support from them is similar to getting support from the literature. It can save time reinventing the wheel!
and from Wilson (2010, p.66)
your academic library will have information specialists who are there to guide you in your net searches. Make sure you can tell them just what it is that you are seeking, and be prepared to listen to their advice 
The School of Management can be contacted via for one to one appointments for research projects. We also teach literature searching classes on many programs and are running business information seminars this term.

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