Need a reliable, up-to-date industry profile?

These can be found on EBSCO Business Source Complete.

Try a search on Forecasting AND “plumbing industry” OR “construction industry” as follows:  put “Forecasting” in one box and group “plumbing industry” OR “construction industry” in a separate box.  You could add multiple OR options if you wish. The quotes around the words will instruct to search for that exact phrase.

Screenshot showing "Forecasting" in one search box and the OR terms in a separate box

You can then use the following filters to narrow down results:

  • Date
  • Full Text available
  • Set “Source Type” to Industry Profiles

Screenshot of EBSCO filter options showing "Source Type"

If you still have too many results, add in a country e.g. “Great Britain”.

You can sort the results by “Date Newest” to find the most recent information.

MarketLine industry profiles are particularly detailed, reliable and highly reputable industry overviews.

Tip: to check you are using the best search terms, try using the “Thesaurus” e.g. if you search there for “Car industry” it will tell you the better term to use is “Automobile Industry”. You can then click on that term to expand it where you may find a better, more specific term to add to your search:

Screenshot showing "Automobile Industry - Forecasting" added to search using the thesaurus

If you can’t find what you need let us know ( and we will do our best to help!



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