Finding examples of Swansea University SoM dissertations and reports

If you are working on a dissertation or report over the summer you may wish to take a look at some earlier examples that we hold in the library. You can find these in the library catalogue. Here are some direct links to search results for:

Management reports

Management consultancy reports

Dissertations based on business plans (subject search for “new business enterprises”)

MBA reports

Some recent MSc Marketing titles

Some recent MSc Finance titles

As long as you keep the “Retain my current filters” box checked (which will keep the Location set to LIC Theses only) then you can also search on specific topics combined with the type of report. You can set the Sort order to be “Date Descending” to get the most recent ones first:

Screenshot of the catalogue showing the Location filter set to LIC Theses

(Click for a larger image)

All the dissertations are kept in our locked thesis store so, when you have found the title you want, you will need to bring the details to the Information Desk so we can fetch it for you. Dissertations can only be looked at in the library so need to be consulted within service desk opening hours.




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