Our E-Book Collection

(This post is part of our 2014 Library Essentials series)

We have around 150,000 e-books in our library catalogue. If we can purchase a copy of a textbook in electronic format, we aim to do that but unfortunately the publishers do not always give us that option. They also sometimes price them high that we cannot afford to purchase – e-books often come with a limited number of “accesses” before you are required to make an additional purchase. The business model of academic publishers is frequently aggressive!

If we do have an e-book version, you will see the additional “Online” tab in the library catalogue:

Screenshot of iFind Discover result showing "Online" tab with link to e-book version

(Click for larger image)

You will need to log in to read an e-book using your student (or staff) id and usual password.

We have three main e-book suppliers and each site looks and behaves slightly differently. All offer features to enhance your use of e-books: check out our E-Books Guide (PDF) to get the most out of our e-book collection and to learn the different ways you can download the books to read on your own device or computer.

Be aware that our “Dawsonera” e-books may have limited credits – in order to preserve credits, please don’t access them unless you really want to read them! Each access or download uses up a credit and we may not be able to purchase more when they run out.

If you have any questions about our e-books, let us know: buslib@swansea.ac.uk


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