Flying textbooks

Picture of flying books

We are seeing many of the key textbooks fly off the shelves this term and have more copies on order for some of them already. If you can’t find the books you need on the shelves, remember you can make a request via the library catalogue:

Search for the book you want. If all the copies are out, you can use the “Recall This” link which appears next to one of the copies:

Screenshot of the "Recall This" link on the library catalogue

(Click for a larger image)

You will be prompted to log in and then you can “Submit Request”:

Screenshot of the Request screen

You can alter the date (one month is the default, after which your request would be cancelled) and the collection location – students at Hendrefoilan may be find the Miners’ Library more convenient.

Once your request is submitted, you will be in a queue to get the next copy of the book that is returned to us. Students who have the book on loan will not be able to renew it. As most textbooks are one week loans, normally the longest you would need to wait is a week. We will email you when the book is ready to collect at the Issue Desk.

Many textbooks are also in our Short Loan collection which is held behind the Issue Desk. These cannot be requested in the same way but if the book is out, Issue Desk staff can reserve it for you when it comes back.

Three things to emphasize:

1. Please do make requests if all the books are out as this will trigger us to order additional copies if we see the request queue building up for a title.

2. If the catalogue says a copy should be available and you cannot find it on the shelves, please come to the Information Desk in the library so we can have a look for you. It may be waiting to be shelved on a trolley or it may have gone missing (in which case we need to order a replacement).

3. Do let us know if you are struggling to get the books you need – we can check numbers of copies and, if need be, move one to the Short Loan collection. Email us on and be sure to tell us the relevant module codes.


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