Library fines (and how to avoid them)

Unfortunately we do charge library fines if your books are past their due date / time. Information on this is on the library website  (see the “Overdue items” tab under “Renewing/Reserving”):

Screenshot of library fines info from website

(Click for a larger image)

“Fines accumulate to a maximum of £10 on short and overnight loans, and £5 on other loans. If unpaid fines exceed £10, you will not be allowed to borrow any more items until you have reduced your debt.   Overdue Notices will be emailed to you to remind you of the outstanding loan.”

To avoid fines, be vigilant about your books’ due dates and renew in good time. The date the book is due back is shown in bold on the paper slip you are given when you borrow it. You can see the dates for all your books by using the “My Account” feature in the library catalogue – “Login” with your student number and password to see your dashboard.

Most fines occur when someone has requested one of the books on loan and this prevents it being renewed. In this case, you would need to make sure you allow enough time to bring a book back to the library if it cannot be renewed.

Renew your books….

  • Online: “Login” to iFindDiscover, then click “My Account”, then “Items on Loan” and you will have the option to renew all your books or selected items.
  • By Phone: 01792 295178. You can leave a message if the desk is closed but please remember to leave a contact number in case there is a problem renewing your books.
  • At the Issue Desk in person

If you find you have accrued library fines due to exceptional circumstances, visit the Issue Desk with a doctor’s note or supporting evidence.


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