Using Google Scholar – some tips


Whilst it may lack the powerful filters and quality content of our business databases, Google Scholar is a quick and easy search tool that focusses on academic material (Google is a little sketchy on defining what this actually is).

Setting up Google Scholar

When you are working on campus Google Scholar should be automatically configured to link in with Swansea University’s “iGetIt” service so you can check for the full text of articles where a direct PDF link is not provided. If you want to set up your own devices to work this way, we have a handy guide:

Connecting to Swansea University resources through Google Scholar (PDF)

Using Google Scholar with EndNote / EndNote Online

The guide above also links to information on using Google Scholar with EndNote or EndNote Online. Unfortunately you can only import one reference at a time.

Keep up to date: alerts

You can set up Google Scholar alerts so that you are emailed when new content appears matching search terms that you specify. More info on Google’s website.

Discovery of more recent papers

If you find a really good article on Google Scholar, you can use the “Cited By” link underneath the result listing to see what other papers have included your article in their reference list. This can be a good way to discover further useful material that has been written after your article (and which may therefore be more up to date).

Screenshot showing the "Cited By" link underneath a Google Scholar result

Learn More

Google Scholar has its own blog where you can read more in-depth articles and learn the latest news. A recent article goes into great depth on “Using Google Scholar in Scholarly Workflows“.


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