Financial Analysis Made Easy (FAME)

Do you need to find and analyse UK companies financial information?

The library provides access to the database FAME where you can find financial information on over 9 million companies in the UK and Ireland.

What information does FAME contain?

  • Company financials, in detailed format, with up to 10 years of history
  • Financial strength indicators
  • Directors and contacts
  • Original filings/images as filed at Companies House and the Companies Registration Office in Ireland
  • Stock data for listed companies
  • Detailed corporate structures and the corporate family
  • Shareholders and subsidiaries
  • Market research
  • Adverse filings
  • Business and company-related news
  • M&A deals and rumours

Searching FAME
You can search for a specific company or can search for companies that meet specific criteria.
fame search
Analysing financial data
The real advantage of using FAME is that it allows you to analyse the information that you find.

  • Segmentation
  • Peer analysis
  • Aggregation
  • Statistical distribution
  • Concentration analysis
  • Linear regression

FAME has detailed help included videos available here.


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