How can Mintel help me? Find consumer and market research you can use in your assignments

Have you used our Mintel databases yet – Mintel Oxygen and Mintel Market Sizes? They’re a great place to go for consumer and market research data (the sort of data that could cost you £100s if you tried to find it through Google or another internet search engine!). Find out more about our subscriptions in our blog post from earlier this year.

Mintel has recently introduced a Student Starter Pack to help you understand how you can use Mintel and what sort of information you can find on there. (Did you know just 18% of UK ice cream consumers eat handheld ice cream every week? Or that 87% of joggers run alone? Mintel knows and the information is there waiting to be discovered!) They’ve also produced a short guide called 5 Steps to Perfecting your Business Plan, which could be very useful for those of you with business plan assignments due this month! It gives you an overview of the information you’re likely to need in your business plan, and how Mintel can help you find it.

Remember, we also have guides on Blackboard which will help you to find market research reports and data. If you have any questions please get in touch at



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