Journal articles

Hi, my name is Emma and I am a Service Advisor at the Bay Library. This blog today features a quick guide to journal articles, addressing a few frequently asked questions.


All the journals that the University subscribe to are indexed in iFind.

The A-Z Journals section allows you to quickly check if we have a journal if you know the title of the journal. The Books & more search option allows you to search for Journals on a particular subject. Simply enter a keyword (don’t be too specific) and then refine your search results to Resource Type – Journals. The results will include journals that we have in print in our libraries and/or online access. Most business, economics and management journals that we subscribe to are available online.

The Articles & more search will find journal articles. If you are looking for a specific journal article search for the title of the article. If you are looking for articles on a topic search using keywords. You will be able to get online access to all of the articles that you find here.

2Searching Everything in iFind will retrieve results including journals and journal articles.

Nearly all journals can be accessed at home, away from campus. Your username and password will be the same as your University login and if you follow the links from ifind you should automatically be directed to a Swansea University login box.

Our Having problems accessing online journal guide has some suggestions for a quick solution. If you are still unable to gain access to the full article, you can ask a member of library staff for help or contact



If you wish to loan a book or journal article that the library does not have access to, you have the option of requesting it from another institution. This is called an inter-library loan which will be conducted via Document Supply. Please see the Document Supply website for more information, including a request form.

Inter-library loans are available to all registered staff and students and each request will incur a charge which may be paid by the department or the individual. In cases where requests will be paid by the department, authorisation will be needed by a member of academic staff before the request can be submitted. Alternatively, for all personal payments of inter-library loans, a charge will be added to your library account when the item arrives


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