Printing, photocopying and scanning at the Bay Library

Hello. I’m Alyson and I am a Senior Service Advisor here at the Bay Library. AlysonI was previously working at the Singleton campus Library on the IT service desk for over 10 years. I am really pleased to have been given the chance to work at this fantastic new Campus.

My blog this time features a range of IT questions and answers that new students usually ask regarding printing, photocopying and scanning. We have leaflets with instructions on how to do all the following points at the service desk.

How do I register my card to print, photocopy and scan?

You will need to register your card on the printing/photocopying/scanning machine. To do this just scan your card on any printer, enter your student number, enter your Swansea University password and make up a 4 digit pin number. From then on when you want to print, photocopy or scan you just need to scan your card and enter your pin number.

How do I put credit on my card?

Students at the Bay Campus will need to come to the service desk for now, pay cash over the counter and the staff will add the credit to your student card. Hopefully in the future there will be a self-service card revaluer installed. We will update you on that as soon as we have more information.

How do I print?

Log on to a pc in the library and upload your document. Click print and choose the mono printing or colour printing. You can collect your print from any printing/photocopying/scanning machine in the library.

Prints are automatically set for double side printing – if you want to change this please do this in the print options on the PC before you send to the printer.

How do I print from my own device (mobile/laptop/tablet)?

Go to this web page: and login in as normal. Upload the file you want to print and send. Collect at any printing/photocopying/scanning machine.

Prints will only stay in the queue for 2 hours. If you haven’t collected them by then you will need to upload and send to the printer again.

How do I photocopy?

Go to the printing/photocopying/scanning machine and swipe your ID card & enter your PIN. Select Copy from the function menu. A standard photocopying interface will appear – if you want your photocopying to be in colour use the colour button to see a full menu copy screen. Press the big blue button to start the photocopying.

How do I scan?

Go to the printing/photocopying/scanning machine and swipe your ID card & enter your PIN. Select XPR Scan from the function menu. You will then be given two options: Scan to folder & Scan to e-mail.

Selecting Scan to Folder will store the scanned document in your P: drive on the network.

Select Scan to Email and you will receive the scanned document as an email attachment in your inbox.

Once you make your selection press the big blue button to start scanning.

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