Borrowing, renewing and requesting

Felicity, one of our Service Advisors at the Bay Library, has written this post which answers some common questions about borrowing, renewing and requesting items from Swansea University libraries.

How many books can I borrow and for how long?

Undergraduate students can borrow 15 books at a time, and postgraduate students can borrow 30 at a time. The length of the loan depends on the book. Normal loan books can be borrowed for 2 weeks by undergraduates and 12 weeks by postgraduates. One week loan books can be borrowed for – you guessed it! – one week by both undergraduates and postgraduates. Short loan books can be borrowed for one night by both undergraduates and postgraduates. One week loans are indicated by a red dot on the spine of the book, and short loans are indicated by a blue dot.

How do I renew my loans?

Loans will automatically renew three times at the end of the item’s loan period, unless the book has been requested by someone else. For example, after the initial two weeks, a normal undergraduate loan will renew 3 times to give a further six week loan period in total. Whenever a book is automatically renewed you will be sent an email to let you know the new due date.

If you need to renew your books again after the third automatic renewal, you will need to contact us, either by visiting the Bay Library’s service desk, or by phoning the Bay Library on (01792) 604066. As long as no one else has requested the books, they can be re-issued to you.

Do I have to pay fines if my books are late back?

Yes – if a book becomes overdue it will start to accumulate fines. The amount is based on the type of loan – normal loans incur fines at 20p per day, one week loans at 50p per day, journals at £1.00 per day and short loans at £1.50 per day. While a book is overdue, fines accumulate until they reach a maximum of £10.00 per book for short loans, and £5.00 per book for other loans.

Checking your library account regularly will let you know if any of your loans have been requested by someone else and need to be returned, and will help you keep track of your automatic renewals. You will also receive Overdue Notices by email to remind you of any books that have become overdue.

How do I borrow a book in the middle of the night?

The Bay Library is open 24 hours per day, and books can be borrowed at any time of day or night. If you would like to borrow a book at a time when the library isn’t staffed, you can do so by using the self-issue machines, which are located opposite the service desk.

I’d like to borrow a book which is at another Swansea University library. Will I have to go there to collect it?

In addition to browsing the library’s collections and searching for specific books, iFind allows you to request books you may be interested in. You can request books from any library, and you can choose the most convenient library for you to collect your book from. You can also request items that are on loan to others or ‘unavailable’.

You may be wondering what some of the statuses mean when using iFind. Here’s a quick users’ guide:

  • ‘Item in place’ means that the book is on the shelf and available for you to use
  • ‘On loan until…’ means the out is currently out on loan but expected back on the displayed date
  • ‘On hold shelf until…’ the item has been requested by someone else and is reserved for them behind the library desk
  • ‘Lost since…’ item is missing and not available

Here is a short animation that explains how you can request items via iFind.

You will get an email as soon as the item is available for you. The book will be put behind for you to collect from your chosen library. This is really handy if you are after a core book which everyone needs, or if you are living and studying at Bay Campus and want to use books from the South Wales Miner’s Library or at Singleton Park or vice versa. Books can be requested and returned to any University library and you’re able to visit and use any library you wish.

If you would prefer to go to the other library to collect it there yourself, then of course that is possible too. You can also feel free to return books you have borrowed from other Swansea University libraries to the Bay Library, and vice versa.


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