Trial access to IBIS World’s industry reports

Swansea University currently has trial access to IBIS World 15th Feb to 14th March 2016.

IBIS World reports are an excellent resource for School of Management students – each industry report includes the following information:

  • Supply chain
  • Major companies in an industry sector
  • Current performance and external drivers
  • Industry outlook and life-cycle
  • Products and markets
  • The competitive landscape, barriers to entry, cost structure benchmarks
  • Operating conditions
  • Key industry data

Geographical coverage includes UK, China, USA, Australia and Canada, plus some global reports.

Access is on-campus only.  Click on the link below (you will need to register your name on a brief form):

IBIS icon

Your feedback is very important to us – please email to tell us your opinion of the database. In particular we would like to know which industries and countries interest you.

The trial includes access to the following categories of reports:

  • United Kingdom Industry Reports (UK SIC)
  • United States Industry Reports (NAICS)
  • Australia Industry Reports (ANZSIC)
  • Global Industry Reports
  • China Industry Reports
  • Canada Industry Reports (NAICS)
  • Canada Industry iExpert Summaries
  • Australia Industry iExpert Summaries
  • United Kingdom Industry iExpert Summaries
  • United States Specialized Industry iExpert Summaries
  • United States Risk Ratings Reports
  • United States Risk iExpert Summaries
  • United Kingdom Business Environment Profiles
  • United States Business Environment Profiles
  • United Kingdom Risk iExpert Summaries
  • Australia Business Environment Profiles
  • Canada Risk iExpert Summaries
  • Canada Business Environment Profiles

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