Finding dissertations

When you begin your masters research project, you may want to look at successful dissertations from other students. This can help you to understand how you might go about researching and writing up your own work.

There’s information about finding dissertations on our website. Check the section on Finding Theses to see how you can use iFind to look for dissertations from the School of Management. The dissertations from before 2013 will be most helpful as they follow a similar format (introduction, literature review, methodology…) to the one you are expected to use. Most of our dissertations are kept in the library at Singleton Park Campus, but they can be sent to Bay Library for you to look at there. Use the Request option on iFind or ask at the Library Desk for help. The dissertations are for reference use only, so they must not be taken out of the library.

You might also find it helpful to see how students outside of Swansea University have tackled research on your topic. The database Proquest Business Collection includes dissertations from around the world. Just type in keywords for your subject and tick the Full text box on the search page, then using from the options down the left of the results screen go to Source type>More options>Dissertations & Theses.

Remember to reference anything you use from someone else’s dissertation! Work from Swansea University and from other students around the world is very likely to be in the Turnitin database and will be identified as plagiarism if you haven’t referenced it correctly.

If you have any questions, please email We will be here all summer if you need any help!




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