Getting help: How to arrange a meeting with a librarian

The library has a range of resources to help you find the best academic and business information for your studies. Your librarians can help you to find the information that you need. If you have questions about referencing or would like to know how to find and use the best resources for your subject, please email us or arrange an appointment. We have a number of options if you would like to meet with a librarian:-

Come to our drop in on Thursday afternoons

From today, we will are trialling an ‘Ask a librarian’ service every Thursday this term. No need to book in advance, just come to Bay Library between 12.00 and 17.00 and a librarian will be available to help you. You’ll find us in the Central Area of the library.

Book an appointment through our calendar

If you prefer, you can book a one-to-one appointment through the Book a Librarian calendar on the School of Management library guide. There are a number of appointments available Monday to Friday. Please note, bookings close two hours before the scheduled appointment time.

Email us

If there are no suitable appointments showing in our calendar, you can email us at to arrange to meet a librarian at a more suitable time. Our inbox is monitored Monday to Friday during office hours. You can also email us with any questions that you have.

Ask at the Information Desk in the library

If you need help while you are in the library, you can ask staff at the Information Desk to find out if there is a librarian available to see you. We can’t promise to see you straight away as we may already have other appointments scheduled, but one of us will meet you if we can.



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