Please return your library books!

Do you still have library books that you borrowed last term? Do you still need them? If not, please return them as soon as you can to give other students a chance to use them.

Exams are over and you’ve submitted your assignments. A new term of teaching starts next week, so you probably have a new set of module reading lists to look at. Make some room on your library card by returning books you no longer need. It’s easy to check which books you have on loan – just Sign In to iFind and go to My Account.

Are you still using the books you borrowed last term? Don’t worry, our automatic renewal system means it’s ok to keep them for now. Please remember to check your student email account regularly, though. If another student needs a book you’ve borrowed, you’ll get an email that asks you to return the book to the library. If you don’t bring it back on time, you could be charged a fine! There’s more information about automatic renewals and overdue books on our website.

Photo of a student sitting by a large pile of books and thinking

Don’t let your library books pile up at home! Return the ones you don’t need. (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


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