We want your help

We know that you are all very busy with assignments and exam preparation at the moment, but I’d like to ask a favour.

You may be aware of our Library Guides which were introduced last summer. They’ve been available for almost a full academic year now and we think they have been useful, but we’re sure we could make it better.

Library Guides image small

We want you to help us improve the Library Guides. We’re looking for volunteers to come to the library and perform a few short tasks to help us judge how easy it is to find information on the library guides. We expect this to take an hour at most and we will give a power bank to each volunteer. (Power banks let you charge your mobile phone or other portable devices on the move. Very useful on long journeys!)

If you are able to help email buslib@swansea.ac.uk and we can arrange a time that is convenient for you to come into the library

If you have some feedback about Library Guides but you aren’t able to come in to the library, please do email your comments to us or complete the short survey available at the bottom of each Library Guides page.


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