Finding additional study space and campus PCs

As you are aware, our Swansea University Libraries are very busy at the moment. If you are looking for somewhere to work, you can check our webpage for Additional study spaces to find rooms which are available outside the library on Bay and Singleton Park campuses.

If you are looking for a PC, the College of Engineering IT team have a website which shows live, real-time updates of the number of free computers in the Bay Library as well as in select labs in School of Management, College of Engineering and Singleton Campus. The website is accessible from university PCs and via Eduroam, but is not accessible off-campus. Please be aware that there may be times when the PC labs are not free for use (when they are being used for teaching) and some labs may not be available to you (for instance the Engineering labs are only open to College of Engineering students). The website is still in development, so please be aware that it is not yet perfect. For instance, the PC lab in Nanhyfer is not yet included, though the intention is to add it in the future.

Please ask for advice at the Information Desk in the library if you are having difficulty finding a place to study.

Additional study spaces:

Availability of PCs:


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