SNL Finance

Following the merger of SNL Finance and S&P the interface and the content of S&P Market Intelligence programme has changed and is continually increasing as more data is being added.

The University subscribes to the banking focus element of the resource which includes financial data for banks and other financial institutions in the US, Europe and MEA.  Data is current but there is a huge amount of historical information available.

There are two main platforms for SNL Finance, the online platform and Excel.

SNL Finance Online

At present, the database can only be accessed from one of our campus. The easiest way to go to the database is via our library guides at  From this page you can see a tab to SNL finance which gives you content information and also a link to access the resource.

The first thing you need to do if you have not already is to register (highlighted below). This is a very quick process that requires your name and Swansea university email.

page

Once registered you can begin to explore the resource. The screen defaults to News and it contains up-to date information on the financial sector.  There is a very up-to the minute Newswire but also two news streams; The Daily Dose and Daily Digest that expand on the news and give authoritative backing to sources if available.  Once logged in you can alter the layout and content that is immediately available.

The Search box within SNL Finance is at the top of the screen (highlighted yellow).

search box

There is so much information that the Advanced Search is sometimes necessary to allow you to filter the information further.

Once you have done a search, the example below is for Halifax Group Ltd information can be filtered using facets on the left-hand side of the screen.

facets available

In the case above, you can gather information on the Corporate Structure, People Summary, News and Events and Key Developments but these facets differ depending on your search. A search for a county will generate economic and demographic data, information on the countries CDP and Debt etc.  There is so much information that it is worth exploring the resource to give an idea of the content available.

Visible on the top of the majority of screens are the following links to help you store, export and built reports.

Building Reports

This can be done by clicking on Build a Report once you have generated your results or by going to My Saved Items, My Reports and then Create New Report.

creat report

With this second option you can then search for Companies, Assets or Company Lists, after you have found the information you can filter and run your report as a PDF or Excel Sheet, have it sent to your email and select the frequency.

facetsfor reportsaving a report

SNL Finance using Excel

The SNL Finance plug-in is available from SNL on the Swansea University Unified Desktop.

excel from unified desktop

Even if you are in SNL Finance Online you will need to Sign in within the Excel Sign In. You will then be able to build your reports using the same functionality as the online platform using the SNL Ribbon features outlined below.

excel ribbon

When saving the Single-cell functions will  create a dynamic spreadsheet while the default Table function will create a static excel report.

saving a report in excel

Further Information and Help

Further information and guidance is available from SNL. They can be contacted via the support link on the online platform.  This link also directs to training videos and paper.

support button

Training and SNL content videos are also available via The S&P Market Intelligence YouTube channel which can be found here.

Or further information please contact your library team:

Business Library Team:
The Bay Library
Swansea University
T +44 (0)1792 505500

Find us on Facebook at




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