Frequently Asked Referencing Questions

FAQs Referencing

Using and Referencing Business Resources

The School of Management has many specialist resources and databases and information can be found in a variety of formats, reports, case studies, datasets etc.  All of which can be found from our library guide

In order to help you with referencing these resources the School of Management library team have produced a specific APA Referencing Guide for the School of Management Students.

Today’s blog will discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding these specialist formats.

How do I reference financial reports from online databases?

General Reference Report

How do I reference a spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet qualify as a data set so it would be referenced like this:

Spreadsheet Reference

My report has many sections, with separate URLs.  Do I reference each one individually or the report as a whole?

Often when looking at reports in Mintel you will be taken to a section of the report rather than to the document as a whole.  As it is a corporate author you should reference the whole report.

However as you want to lead the reader to the correct part of the document it is preferred that the in-text citation contain enough information to locate the information.

Referencing a Report

Tomorrow we will be looking at the layout of your reference list or bibliography.

For further information, please contact the School of Management library team:

Business Library Team:
The Bay Library
Swansea University
T +44 (0)1792 505500
Find us on Facebook at


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