Frequently Asked Referencing Questions

FAQs Referencing


Today we war looking at frequently asked questions regarding the layout of your work.  We will start with a general question that is asked quite frequently.

Is it okay to use software such as Grammerly to check for my punctuation, grammar and to ensure I am not plagiarising?

The use of Grammerly or other plagiarism checker is not recommended.  The Centre for Academic Success can help and advise you on your work.  To book an appointment and find out more about the service go to

When do I use capitalisation within my references?

Capitalisation of text within references

  • Article title – the first word of the article title should start with an upper case letter, but subsequent words should start with a lowercase letter.
  • Journal title – each word should start with a upper case letter with the exception of small words within the title. For example, you’d write Journal of Management not Journal Of Management.


What is the difference between a bibliography and a reference list?

  • A reference list is a list of everything you have cited in your assignment. A bibliography is a list of everything you’ve read as part of your research, even if you haven’t cited it in your assignment.

The following are commonly asked questions that the School of Management Library Team are often asked.

I have read a book which cites something I want to use cite myself, what do I do?

This kind of referencing is called secondary referencing.  The advice is, wherever possible to read the original work.  Often this is not feasible so you must make sure that that the reader is aware that you have not read the original and also refer to the work that you did read.

Secondary referencing

For further information, please contact the School of Management library team:

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