Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) have revamped their website with more useful features. They have withdrawn the former ESRC Society Today website and relaunched at

The new site has extensive funding features including how to measure impacts.

Information on research is now in the impact and findings section  and they have a research catalogue where you can trace outputs such as journal articles and full text reports. Their latest publication is Recovery Britain: research evidence to underpin a productive, fair and sustainable return to growth.

Need some help finding information?

So far this year your librarians have delivered information sessions to nearly 1000 students.  These sessions are great for helping you find quality information for your assignments.  Topics we covered this year included:

If you want to book a session with us then please get in touch.  We can offer one-to-one or group training sessions, just let us know what you need.  Contact us today by email or phone 01792 295027/513389.
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OpenCorporates: open access database of the corporate world

OpenCorporates: open access database of the corporate world.

Site launched  in order to increase accountability and access to data about companies. It provides listing of companies links to their websites and to public government information about them. This includes Vat registration, financial statements, UK health and safety notices, records in the UK gazette and notices of awards of government contracts. Currently data is held on over 3 million companies (mainly from the UK) but more is being added daily. Information on sources and methodology is available on the website.