Shhhh! Silent study space in Bay Library and in Great Hall

We’ve made some slight changes to the silent study spaces in Bay Library. From now on, the North Wing will be a silent study zone. You’ll find three study areas in the North Wing:-

  • PC Room 1 – this is now the silent study computer room
  • Silent Study Rooms – these have individual desk spaces with power sockets and USB connections for you to plug in your devices

We ask that you respect your fellow students and work silently in these areas. If you need to talk while you work, you can do so in the Central Area or the South Wing, but please consider other library users and keep noise to a minimum. (Please note, PC Room 2 in the South Wing was previously the silent PC study space, but you can now talk in this room.)

SIgn on the wall reading 'You are now entering a silent study zone'

You’ll see some new signs in the North Wing  Sign on the wall reading 'Silent Study Zone'


To help you during the exam period, there is some extra silent study space available in the Great Hall from the 22nd May to the 16th June. Here are the details:-

09.00-18.00 Monday (excluding bank holiday)

Great Hall 043 & 049

09.00-18.00 Tuesday

Great Hall 043

09.00-18.00 Wednesday

Great Hall 043

09.00-18.00 Thursday

Great Hall 043 & 049

09.00-18.00 Friday

Great Hall 043 & 049

Good luck with your revision and in your exams. Pob lwc!

Extra study space for exam period

Are you looking for a quiet place to revise for your exams? Room 117 and room 128 in the School of Management building are both available for silent study Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00 until the 27th January.

If you live close to Singleton Campus, please also check the extra study space that is available there.

This is in addition to the usual study space in the library. Bay Library is open 24/7 as usual. There are silent study rooms available in the North Wing if you need to work somewhere without distractions.

Please look out for our friends from the Students’ Union who will be handing out free tea and coffee at prearranged times in the library as part of Study Aid 17.

Good luck with your exams!

Word-cloud in the shape of a four leaf clover

Revision time!

If you are looking for past papers to help you revise for your exams, take a look at the LIS exam past papers  web site. It has links to many of the departments who have made their exam past papers available on line or via Blackboard or information as to how you can obtain past papers if they are not available online.

You may also find these web pages from biz/ed useful on exam technique and preparation.

Good luck in your exams!

24 hour opening in the Library

From 18 April until 5 June, our opening hours in the Library will be:

Monday-Thursday: 24 hour opening

Friday:                    Open until 10pm  

Saturday:                8am to 10pm

Sunday:                  24 hour opening after 8am

Full details of our opening hours are on our web pages at:

Please be considerate to other students who are revising in the Library:

  • Be as quiet as possible in the study areas
  • Don’t use Facebook and other personal sites on the student PCs between 10am and 5pm
  • Hot food and alcohol should not be brought into the Library. Anyone doing this will be asked to leave immediately

Good luck with your revision!