SURF Interdisciplinary Sandwiches

We’re pleased to announce an initiative by SURF (Swansea University Research Forum) to enhance cross-campus academic and social interaction.


The idea is simple: we invite you to bring your sandwiches, coffee, whatever to the SURF room, on the first floor of Fulton House, on Tuesdays from 1230, starting on November 9th. It’s a chance to get away from your desk, and to meet colleagues from across campus in a relaxed and friendly environment. No programme, no talks: just a chance to chat over lunch.

Please come along – you never know who you might meet…

Best wishes,

Ian Rutt and Kasia Szpakowska


P.S. Of course, some weeks, there will be other things going on in the SURF room (such as the SURF seminar just advertised), but we hope you’ll come along to those events as well!

“Inspiring Research” funds

Many of you may know that SURF recently held an “Inspiring Research” Away Day. There is now a proposal form (closing date 21st October 2010) and information on how you can bid for funds to help develop Swansea’s interdisciplinary research culture here ( (The fund total is £25k , so bids are typically expected to be lower than that).

The emphasis is on projects that will help us develop our research culture rather than on projects that will take forward specific areas of research. Examples of projects that SURF has supported in the past include cross-disciplinary visiting speaker series, the Research-as-Art competition, and research coaching scheme. (Future funding rounds will target seedcorn funding for specific interdisciplinary projects).

Initiatives may arise from the Away Day but it is not a requirement. The proposal guidelines are here ( The proposal form and guidelines are linked from the SURF web page:

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

The “Inspiring Research” Away Day was funded by the UKRC4SETWomen and SURF. The “Inspiring Research” funds are from the EPSRC BTG grant.

All best wishes, the SURF Board
Huw Bowen, Ele Fisher, Rich Johnston, Suzy Moody, Tavi Murray, Paula Row, Harold Thimbleby, Steve Williams

PS you can join SURF here: