Bay Library opens 8am Tuesday 1st September 2015!

Yes, that’s right, the books are here, our fabulous team of staff is here, the furniture is here and we are ready to open our doors on Tuesday! Here’s a final taster of what you can expect. We look forward to seeing you soon!

New furniture arriving in the Bay Library!

This week we’ve seen some of the fantastic new furniture for the library being unpacked. We thought that we’d give you a preview of what you can expect to see in the new Bay Library.

Photos of new Bay Library furniture

Bay watch! Packing up the books at the Library and Information Centre

The packing up of books has begun at LIC! Books for School of Management and College of Engineering students have already been identified and today staff will start to pack them up ready to move them to the Bay Library next week. This is quite a big job, so while the LIC will remain open throughout, some areas will be closed off during the move.Take a look over at ISS News for more details.

Here at the Bay Library, we can’t wait to see those books on our shelves, and are looking forward to welcoming you to your new library when it opens on 1st September!

Bay Watch – Your librarians have moved!

Banner for Bay Library

The School of Management library team have now moved in to the new Bay Campus Library and we’re busy ensuring that everything is ready for our grand opening on 1st September.

The shelves are in and the books will be arriving later this month.

Here’s a recent video showing the new shelving being put in to place:

Keep watching the blog and our social media for more updates, as we count down to the opening!

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Bay watch! Your librarians are moving

Time for another update on our move to the Bay Library! Your Subject Support team is moving to the new campus tomorrow (Wednesday 5th August). The library doesn’t open until the 1st September, so you won’t be able to visit us there just yet, but don’t worry, we won’t forget about you! You’ll still be able to reach us by email ( and we’re very happy to come back to meet you for a one to one meeting at the ‘old’ campus if you need us. It does mean, though, that you will need to plan ahead a bit if you would like to see us in person. We won’t be in the LIC, so we won’t be able to pop down if we’re free when you call in for help at the library. The Information Desk will be staffed as usual, so you can still go there with your questions, but you will need to book an appointment if you’d like to talk to a School of Management librarian as we will be travelling from the Bay Campus to meet you.

So, the message is, we’re still around, we still want to help, but please give us some notice if you’d like to see us in person!

Baby In Suitcase By David Castillo Dominici Free Digital Photos

Your librarians are busy packing for the move! Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at