Exploring one of our top resources: Proquest Business Collection

Screenshot of the Proquest logo

One of our top business resources is Proquest Business Collection. Easy to use, it makes finding scholarly journal articles as fast and straightforward as Googling (or faster: the quality of results is guaranteed so no need to analyse the source).

Under the hood, this is actually the following distinct databases:

So as well as a strong coverage of business topics, it is also a good bet for anything in the specific areas mentioned above. We have our own guide to the database (PDF) but to get the most out of it, try the in-depth resources that Proquest themselves provide:

Detailed User Guide (PDF)

YouTube playlist of videos that cover every aspect of the interface. Most of the videos are under 2 minutes long. Try using the thesaurus to help you find the best search terms for your topic:


or the Advanced Search for power-searching tips:


Note: The Business Collection shares the same interface as other Proquest subject resources (e.g. ASSIA) so the Proquest guides refer to the general interface, not the business collection specifically.

Videos for learning and teaching

Trial access to Alexander Street Press – video content

Use the link above to access video content for business and economics.

The library has trial access until 30th June 2014 to Alexander Street Press, where video content in many formats has been brought together for reference, learning and teaching.  You can search for content by topic, theme, organisation, country, content type etc.

Have a look and let us know if you found it useful by emailing us using the link on the right.


Alexander Street Press

Vlearn – curated video content for business and management students


Following on from the videos with business leaders we blogged about last week, there is another great collection of videos on the Vlearn website. They are curating web content and state their purpose as:

We consolidate the best content on the web and develop our own original content to help inspire tomorrows leaders and entrepreneurs to take the baton and help deliver a cleaner, fairer, more efficient global economy for all

They have categories for Marketing, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship and many more. Videos include Christine Lagarde, Paul Krugman, Bill Gates and many more big names. You can also use the search box (top right) to search by keyword or name. 

Video Interviews with top business leaders

10 Minutes With logo

Our Careers Service has publicised some video resources that may be of interest to business students: “10 minutes with business leaders“.

“10 Minutes With is an educational platform where you learn about the roles, responsibilities and skills required for the top business positions globally.  It includes interviews with senior executives and professionals across various business fields asking them to explain their roles and day-to-day activities.”


To access the videos you will first need to create an account here:


If you enter your Swansea University email address, you should find you are authorised to create a user account. Then you will need to look for the email they send in order to confirm the account before accessing the site.

See Jo’s blog post for examples of the business leaders they have interviewed!

YouTube 5th Anniversary

YouTube celebrates its 5th anniversary this week: http://www.youtube.com/FiveYear

Here are some recommended YouTube ‘academic’ favourites.
Did you know that YouTube EDU has a collection of films from universities.

Key organisations which have YouTube sites where you can view promotional videos, discussion sessions and interviews include
The World Bank
10 Downing Street – get the latest from David Cameron!
EU Tube – the European Community

But remember that YouTube is not the only good place for finding online film. We also subscribe to Newsfilm online. This has access to over 3000 hours of newsfilm clips taken from the archives of ITN/Reuters.

YouTube EDU

From Intute:

YouTube EDU: videos and channels from our university partners.

This is a special section of YouTube which contains a directory of videos, film clips and channels from universities, colleges and higher education establishments worldwide. They include examples of lectures, events and course related materials covering all areas of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. It is possible to search the site by keyword, to browse by college name or to filter by country. Copyright and technical information is displayed on the website.