Database of the month – Mintel Oxygen: Market Research Reports


Are you looking for market research, market analysis or product intelligence? You need Mintel Oxygen! Mintel Oxygen is a leading market intelligence database which gives you access to top quality data and expert analysis.

Content includes:-

  • Market research reports on food, drink, leisure, technology and e-commerce
  • Trends
  • Brands reports
  • Lifestyle reports (UK) and Attitudes & Trends (China)

Mintel Oxygen is easy to use. You can search for a company or industry that you’re interested in (remember you will only find market research reports on the industries listed above, but you will find other reports and analysis in other areas too) or you can browse the areas:

  • Trends
  • Categories (sector, theme or demographic)
  • What’s new

Check out Mintel’s guides and tutorials to find out what else you can do.

Find more information at If you are accessing Mintel from off campus, please see our earlier blog post. If you have any questions, please contact

Get the intel on Mintel! (And other sources of market research information)

Have you used Mintel, our fantastic source of information for marketing research, yet? If not, or if it’s been a while, take a look at the brand new video tutorials  now available on the Mintel help pages. The videos cover the following areas:-

  • Category Overviews

Useful if you want to browse the most recent content by Sector, Theme or Demographic

  • Added Value Content

This is good if you want to find out about those ‘added extras’ which are available in Mintel, like Webinars, Analyst Insight and Quarterly Updates

  • Creating Email Alerts and Saved Searches

Shows you how to set up a profile so you can keep up to date with the latest content in your areas of interest

  • Creating Report Graphs

Who doesn’t love a graph? This video shows you how to create one from a table of figures

  • Finding What’s Available in Your Subscription

Shows you how to check which Mintel content is available to you (Swansea University subscribes to the following industry categories: e-commerce, food, leisure, technology and drink)

  • Running a Search

Does what it says on the tin! Tips for searching Mintel content

  • Structure of a Report

Highlights the key features of the Mintel reports so you know where to find the information you need

The videos are particularly useful if you’re using Mintel Oxygen, which is great for finding independent market research reports containing analysis, commentary and data. At Swansea University, we also have access to Mintel Market Sizes, where you’ll find data on industries and countries, including market size, market share and forecast data for thousands of consumer goods categories worldwide.

Although Mintel provides our specialist market research database, you may also find relevant reports on two of our other key databases, EBSCO Business Source Premier and ProQuest Business Collection. For help finding market research reports via these sources, check our guide on Blackboard under the heading ‘Can’t find the market research you need on Mintel?’.

All four databases are available off-campus as well as on-campus, so you’ll always have a wealth of marketing information available at your fingertips!

Mintel name change: meet the new “Mintel Market Sizes”

Mintel Global Markets Navigator has changed its name to “Mintel Market Sizes”. This is one of a pair of Mintel resources we have for market research. As the name suggests, Market Sizes has data on global markets so if you are curious on exploring the growth of the Brazilian beer market or Dishwashing Products in Poland or Debit and Credit Cards in China, then this is the database for you. You can also use the “Search” dashboard to build a query and compare markets between countries and regions.

Access it here:

Screenshot of Mintel Market Sizes showing search dashboard

Our guide to Mintel: (PDF)

New look for Mintel Oxygen

Our market research report database Mintel Oxygen has a new interface:

Screenshot of Mintel Oxygen home page

Browse our top quality subscription content – UK market research reports on drink, e-commerce, food, leisure and technology – via the “Reports” heading. 

“Inspire” and “Category Overview” give access to analysis and top trends categorized by Sector (e.g. “Technology”), Demographic (e.g. “Millennials”) or Theme (e.g. “Austerity and Value”).

Access Mintel Oxygen via the catalogue links for on and off-campus: (You will need to log in with your Swansea University login if off-campus.)

We have updated our guide to both Mintel databases (PDF link) to reflect the new interface.


Referencing a Mintel Report

We’ve got a 2 fantastic new resources called Mintel Oxygen and Mintel Global Markets Navigator.  We’re busy making new guides to accompany them which will be available soon.

  • Mintel Oxygen is a resource which contains consumer market reports for the U.S., U.K. and Europe.  Our subscription contains reports on the following industries: Drink, E-Commerce, Food, Leisure, Technology.
  • Mintel Global Markets Navigator is a resource which contains information on global market size, segmentation and share data.

We’ve had a few queries on how Business and Economics students should reference information found in these resources, so we’ve put together a couple of examples below.

Mintel. (2011) Coffee shops – UK –  February 2011. London: Mintel International . Retrieved from Mintel Oxygen (26/10/11)

Mintel. (2010) Coffee in China. London: Mintel International. Retrieved from Mintel Global Markets Navigator (26/10/11)

We hope this blog post is useful, please get in touch if you need more information on referencing, Mintel reports or any other query you might have.