Breakfast Bites – Referencing your dissertation

Are you writing your dissertation this summer? Do you know how to reference:

  • Conference papers
  • Journal articles
  • Information you’ve found online
  • Data and statistics…

We can help you to reference all this and more! Come to our Breakfast Bites session this Thursday morning.

Breakfast Bites sessions are held 8.15am to 8.50am in PC Room 2 of Bay Library. You don’t need to book – just come along!

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Plagiarising parrots and better references with Endnote

Are you worried about accidental plagiarism? Would you like some advice from your librarians? Call in to Bay Library between 11.30 and 13.30 today and tomorrow to meet Pryderi the parrot and to find out about good academic practice from your subject librarians. We also have a drop in Breakfast Bites session on Accidental Plagiarism from 8.15 to 8.50 tomorrow in PC Room 2.

Photo of Pryderi the parrot, a soft toy, reading a book

If you would like some help managing your references and inserting citations in your assignments, sign up for 5 Days of Endnote this week. Just follow the blog: You will learn how to create an Endnote account, export reference details from iFind and insert references and citations in Word.

Breakfast Bites – Searching for Information for Your Dissertation

Are you starting work on your dissertation or research project? Are you working on a literature review? Our Breakfast Bites session on Thursday (1st March) could be just what you need! Come along and try our 3 Minute Search Strategy to develop your understanding of your topic and to make your literature searching more efficient.

Breakfast Bites workshops are held once a week in Bay Library’s PC Room 2 from 8.15am until 8.50am. The sessions are open to all staff and students. No need to book, just come along on the day!

If you can make it to the workshop, but would like some help with literature searching, please email us at or use the Book a Librarian calendar on our Library Guide to make an appointment.

A photo of a desk with a laptop, books and notebooks. There is text overlaying the image which repeats details of the workshop in the blog post above.

Breakfast Bites – Using Images in your Assignments

Do you use images, diagrams, graphs and charts in your assignments? Did you know that you must check if you have permission to re-use images you find online or in books and journals? You also need to make sure images, diagrams, graphs and charts are referenced correctly when you use them in your own work. Come along to our Breakfast Bites session on Tuesday 20th February to find out more. The session is open to all staff and students. No need to book, just come along!

Breakfast Bites workshops are held once a week in Bay Library’s PC Room 2 from 8.15am until 8.50am.

There is more information about using images on our Copyright Library Guide. You can also book an appointment with one of your librarians by emailing or using the Book a Librarian calendar on our Library Guide.

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Breakfast Bites – Be prepared: using the library to enhance your employability

The jobs market is a competitive one. Whether you’re looking for a weekend job to bring in some extra income while you study, or thinking ahead to your future career, you need to make sure you show your prospective employer that you’re the best person for the job. Did you know that library databases can help you to prepare for job applications and interviews?

Come along to PC Room 2 in Bay Library tomorrow (Tuesday 30th January) 8.10-8.50 am to find out how you can easily access information on companies, industries and markets. No need to book, just turn up on the day. Make sure your employers know you’re the sort of person who does their research and comes prepared!