We want your feedback! / Mynegwch eich barn!

Library & Information Services are running the annual survey this week. The survey is open until 3rd June and we’d be very grateful if you could spare just
a few minutes to complete this short survey http://survey.swan.ac.uk/index.php?sid=92567&lang=en


Mae Gwasanaethau Llyfrgell a Gwybodaeth yn cynnal ei arolwg flynyddol yr wythnos hon. Mae’r arolwg ar agor tan 3ydd Mehefin a byddwn yn ddiolchgar iawn pe byddwch yn gallu cymryd ychydig o funudau i gwblhau’r arolwg byr hwn http://survey.swan.ac.uk/index.php?sid=61636&lang=cy


International Review of Economics Education

The Economics Network of the UK’s Higher Education Academy has just published the latest issue of its peer-reviewed journal, the International Review of Economics Education. It is the first issue of this journal to be published only online, and has a total of ten papers including a paper co-authored by Dr Paul Latreille based at Swansea University’s School of Business and Economics:

Latreille, P. L and Mackley, J. (2011) ‘Using Excel to Illustrate Hannah and Kay’s Concentration Axioms’ International Review of Economics Education 10 (1) pp117-127.

Zanran – a new search engine for statistics and data

Here’s a link to a great Blog post about Zanran (www.zanran.com)- a new search engine which searches the web for statistics and data.

“Zanran focuses on finding what it calls ‘semi-structured’ data on the web. This is defined as numerical data presented as graphs, tables and charts – and these could be held in a graph image or table in an HTML file, as part of a PDF report, or in an Excel spreadsheet. This is the key differentiator – essentially, Zanran is not looking for text but for formatted numerical data.”

It’s got some nice features, especially the preview a pdf facility which you can do by hovering your mouse over the links.  Take a look at it and let us know what you think.