Business MOOCs

The Business News site recently published a handy list of current Business-related MOOCs:

MOOC Matters

The appearance of these massive open online courses (MOOCs) has been a very hot topic in the world of higher education – they are free to join and usually have cohorts of tens of thousands with large dropout rates, minimal tutor contact and no formal recognition for completion. However, they also provide access to university-level material for free with a paced structure, peer assessment and (usually) lively forums for discussion. You can see from the list the university’s that are running these courses – most are either on the US Coursera site or the UK Future Learn platform (their versions of “Blackboard”).

If you can spare some time and would like to brush up on a topic or learn something new, try a MOOC and see what you think! Each will have its own start date so check when the next one is due to run.

Business Ethics Videos


Ethics Unwrapped” is a free web resource from the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin. It includes 3 series of videos on “ethics in action” :

The link to Teaching Materials has PDFs which include notes on the topics covered as well as questions to discuss.